Cours ED182 2019-2020

Low-dimensional materials


Florian Banhart (IPCMS)


The course will give an introduction into the physics and technology of low-dimensional nanomaterials. Objects with reduced dimensions, namely two-, one-, or zero-dimensional structures, are of paramount importance in today’s electronic equipment. The restriction in space to less than three dimensions allows designing novel quantum devices with specific functions. While quantum dots, quantum wires and quantum wells are already indispensable components of standard electronic and optoelectronic devices, layers and wires of atomic thickness such as graphene and related species are just coming up and still need scientific and technological development until their unique properties can fully be made use of. In the center of the course will be the atomic and electronic structures which determine the properties of low-dimensional materials.


Subjects of the course:

  1. Atomic structure of low-dimensional materials: bonding configurations
  2. Artificial structuring of low-dimensional nanomaterials
  3. Electronic structure and properties of atomic 2D and 1D materials
  4. Electronic structure of 2D, 1D and 0D nanomaterials: quantum wells, -wires, -dots
  5. Applications of low-D materials


6 lectures (2h each)

The dates of the course are as follows :

  • 26/03
  • 02/04
  • 09/04
  • 16/04
  • 23/04
  • 30/04

always from 2 to 4 p.m.

The March 26th course will take place in room 70.

The other sessions will take place in the IPCMS auditorium.