Thesis Monitoring Committee

The individual thesis follow-up committee (CSI) is defined by “ Article 13 de la loi de 25 mai 2016, modifié par l’article 11 de l’arrêté du 26 Août 2022 and by the Doctorate Charter of the Universities of Strasbourg and Haute Alsace”.

According to the law, “The individual thesis follow-up committee provides support for the latter throughout the doctorate. It must meet before registration in the second year and then before each new registration until the end of the doctorate.

This interview is an opportunity for everyone (doctoral student, thesis director, management of the research unit and the Doctoral School) to take stock of the path already taken by the doctoral student, to reorient or clarify the research and to envisage the next phases. It allows a researcher or teacher-researcher from outside the research unit to be involved in the work.

From 01/01/2023 onwards, the individualised follow-up committee will be annual and mandatory.

This also applies to doctoral students who started with the start of the academic year 2022. There will be no derogation.

The individualised follow-up committees must therefore meet in March, before the re-registration campaign. It must first be validated by the doctoral school management, then signed by the doctoral student, by the thesis supervisor and by the research unit director.

Monitoring committee form (FR)

Implementation of the monitoring committee (FR)


==> 13 July 2023 : deadline for sending the CSI duly signed by all parties to

When re-registering on AMETHIS (plateforme), the PhD student will be asked to upload the CSI. Without CSI, re-registration will not be allowed.


* Synthesis: written report on the activity developed in the research work for the thesis. This exercise allows the PhD student to familiarise himself/herself with and anticipate the writing of the thesis. Format: a 2-4 page summary, to set the context and highlight the important results of the thesis work.

* Training plan: list the training courses (according to the Convention Individuelle de Formation (CIF)) and/or complete with other training courses in view

* Portfolio: see HERE