Thesis Monitoring Committee

Thesis Monitoring Committee (TMC) and evaluation of the progress of the thesis

In the context of the application of the decree of 25 May 2016 setting the national training framework and the procedures leading to the award of the national doctoral degree (and more specifically Article 13), the Doctoral College – University of Strasbourg proposes that all doctoral students should benefit from interviews with a monitoring committee. 

This interview is an opportunity for everyone (PhD student, PhD director, research unit director and doctoral school) to take stock of the progress already made by the PhD student, to reorient or refine the research and to consider the following phases. It allows to associate to the work a researcher or a teacher-researcher outside the research unit. 

Each PhD student must have done his interview with the monitoring committee prior to his or her 3rd registration and then annually for any derogatory registration. The monitoring committees will therefore have to meet before the re-enrollment campaign of the doctoral schools (from the beginning of June).

The TMC shall be composed of at least one full member of the RU (PR, MCF or researcher), called a referent, and one holder from outside the RU. At least one of these persons must be HDR. 

Monitoring committee form

Implementation of the monitoring committee