Communication to Congress

The PhD student must have presented in person at least one communication – oral or by poster – at a national or international congress or conference. The ED provides financial support up to 600 euros maximum once during the thesis to teams whose doctoral students participate in a conference, a school or a workshop and present an oral communication or poster. Procedure to be followed:

1st: the PhD student ask for the approval to the ED director sending the program, the confirmation of participation with an oral communication or poster (to validate the relevance of the event and/or the budget available for the year).

2nd: the student ask to his institute the fees advance and anyway the participant will return from mission with all the proof of accommodation and transport costs.

3rd: The ED will reimburse (only) to the institutes and upon receiving the bills and travel expenses.


To get more information, please contact the manager of your research unit and the secretariat of the ED.

Do not forget that this support is only possible within the limit of the credits approved each year for this purpose by the ED.