The board

Aziz Dinia (Professor, Director Doctorale College)

Representatives of research units (elected)

J. Andrea (Professor, IPHC)
P. Laquerriere (Professor, IPHC)
A. Rubin (Lecturer, ICS)
M. Brinkmann (Research Director, Deputy Director, ICS)
V. Halté (Professor, IPCMS)
N. Martin (Research Officer, OAS)
G. Rogez (Research Officer, IPCMS)
V. Ball (Research Director, INSERM)
K. Anselme (Research Director, IS2M)
J.L. Paillaud (Research Director, IS2M)
H. Majjad (ITA / IR, IPCMS)
F. Morel (ITA / IR, IPHC)

Representatives of doctoral students (elected)

M. Sessini (doctorant, IPHC)
I. Ben Djemaa (doctorante, ICS)
C. Thomas (doctorante, IS2M)
C. Sidhoum (doctorant IPCMS)

External Members (Appointed)

B. Fischer (NS3E)
D. Boll (Greater East Region)
T. Regrettier (Voltinov)

The Pedagogical Commission

D. Berling (IS2M)
M. Brinkmann ( ICS)
A. Dinia (IPCMS)
O. Felix (ICS)
B. Hippolyte (IPHC)
M. Alouani (IPCMS)
P. Laquerrière (IPHC)
N. Martin (OAS)