The board

– Aziz Dinia (Professor, Director Doctorale College)

Representatives of research units (elected)

– S. Courtin (Professor, IPHC)
– P. Laquerriere (Professor, IPHC)
– A. Rubin (Lecturer, ICS)
– Mr Brinkmann (Research Director, Deputy Director, ICS)
– V. Halté (Professor, IPCMS)
– N. Martin (Research Officer, OAS)
– G. Rogez (Research Officer, IPCMS)
– V. Ball (Research Director, INSERM)
– K. Anselme (Research Director, IS2M)
– J.L. Paillaud (Research Director, IS2M)

– H. Majjad (ITA / IR, IPCMS)

– F. Morel (ITA / IR, IPHC)

Representatives of doctoral students (elected)

A. Secher (doctorant, IPHC)
V. Untilova (doctorante, ICS)
B. Aubry (doctorante, IS2M)

A. Khammari (doctorant IPCMS)

External Members (Appointed)

– B. Fischer (NS3E)
– D. Boll (Greater East Region)

The Pedagogical Commission

– D. Berling (IS2M)

– Mr Brinkmann ( ICS)
– A. Dinia (IPCMS)
– O. Felix (ICS)
– J. Baudot (IPHC)
– Mr Alouani (IPCMS)
– P. Laquerrière (IPHC)