2018 Calendar for the Doctoral Contract Award

Until 18 May 2018 at 12 noon, deadline: receipt of applications. Only complete applications will be considered.

Before 1 June 2018: The ED contacts the candidates authorised to continue the competition.

Until 5 June 2018: Candidates authorised to continue the competition must submit a document describing the master’s programme (2 pages) to the ED secretariat in electronic form (pdf format).

 13,14 and 15 June 2018: Auditions of candidates authorised to continue the competition. On the day of the audition, candidates must carry a national identity card or passport. Candidates will make a presentation on their master’s programme (10 minutes) and answer the jury’s questions. For the ranking, equal importance is attached to the audition and the file.

Before 29 June 2018: Awarding of doctoral contracts by the ED Council.
Applicants are contacted by e-mail at the address they have indicated to the ED, they have 48 hours to inform the ED if they accept – or do not accept – the doctoral contract. After this period, no reply will be considered as a renunciation and the contract will be awarded to the next candidate in the supplementary list.